Mess Inside

by Off The Hook



released June 17, 2015

-recorded by Hannes Kelch and Sebastian Braunreuther-
-mixed & mastered by Sebastian Braunreuther @mixberlin Studios 2014-

black damned world: Christoph Borchers (instrumental)
Marco Keller (lyrics)

the mess inside: Christoph Borchers (instrumental & lyrics)

hiding the grey: Raphael Jay (instrumental & lyrics)

secrets: Christoph Borchers (instrumental)
Marco Keller (lyrics)



all rights reserved


Off The Hook Berlin, Germany

OFF THE HOOK are a hardcore-band from Berlin, Germany. They´ve been around since 2008 and play an aggressive style of hardcore without any „we´ll beat the shit out of you“ - attitude.

Since they want to play as many shows as possible, feel free to contact them via, if you are interested in helping them out!
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Track Name: Black Damned World
kiss the breath of an innocent corpse
i hope the best for the mass of the worst
waste and scum that’s their call
a shot in our face is nothing at all
around there is nothing to believe in
a dull smile while they rip off your skin
the blood has no value
you die without a word
‘cause there is no rescue
for this black damned world
Track Name: The Mess Inside
you got good ideas - i got good ones too
isn’t it ironic - you tell me what to do
you got good ideas - i can tell you now
fuck this - fuck that - fuck you
clean up this mess inside your fucking head
you’re just a waste of time - for me, for us
clean up this mess inside your stupid brain
i wanna break these chains
Track Name: Hiding The Grey
never rest this is what they tell you
in my chest there is all but i need to go on
fell free the illusion canstantly kept alive
i won’t bet his ideal portraied on every wall
this is all, all i ever knew
this is what, what we turned to
we’re to weak to turn from
we’re enslaved to what we’ve become
Track Name: Secrets
waiting in a castle with only of one room
walls without a window and the whispers of doom
trapped by the night while needles stitch inside
demons in your mind
the answers you won’t find
silence all around you, you see the escape
bound by your ties, you except your fate
loss of control, nothing lies ahead
demons in your mind
the answers you won’t find
try to fight – fight the fear
maggots came out and kiss the lost tears
these little secrets are to heavy to wear
all hope is gone and the end is near
one last shiver and a cold razor blade
the blood filled river bares you to the gate