The Walk

by Off The Hook



released February 1, 2013

recorded by Jan Oberg at Hidden Planet Studio, sep 2012
mixed by Olivier t´Servancx at Electrik Box Studio, nov 2012
mastered by Simon Hawemann at Moulder Productions, dec 2012

released by
Anchored Records (Vinyl)
Acuity Music (Digital)
Mustard Mustache (Tape)



all rights reserved


Off The Hook Berlin, Germany

OFF THE HOOK are a hardcore-band from Berlin, Germany. They´ve been around since 2008 and play an aggressive style of hardcore without any „we´ll beat the shit out of you“ - attitude.

Since they want to play as many shows as possible, feel free to contact them via, if you are interested in helping them out!
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Track Name: The Walk
Save your words, I’m deaf right now
Spent so much time, can’t let you go
My darkest fear surrounding me
Who’s gonna save me straight from here?
We’re going down right now
It’s like an all time low
Come on take a walk with me
I’ll show you all what you can see
I make you pay for what you did
I make you pay for all
It’s not my fault
It’s all your fault
It’s not my fault
Save your words I’m deaf right now
Spent so much time, can’t let you go
My darkest fear surrounding me
Who’s gonna save straight from here?
No regrets - no lies
Falling down and rise
For you - I’ll die
Side by side – side by side
Track Name: Shit You Call Life
Can you see the fading of the last fucking 
Glimpse of light?
Can you feel the creeping cold haunting 
All that´s left to you?
Screaming is the last sad valve you can rely on
No single reason left for you to keep fighting for
And you never even tried to put some sense
To this shit you call life
Besides poisoning your mind what is the reason 
Of this shit you call life
Broken windows, covered in mud,
It is your anchor in this fucking storm
That you don´t want to survive
It´s your message, your sermon of pain,
It´s your only clear thought in this chaos: 
I don´t want to survive
Bloody hands, broken nose, 
You´re as lost as you´ve always been
The memories, you stumble across are the only things you fear more than what´s there to come.
Is this it? Is this the end you dream of 
When you´re fading away?
You always thought that you would never grow old
But the mirror said: I don´t kill myself today
You dragged yourself for as long as you could
Through this shit that you call life.
Track Name: Turn Around
The force of routine
Kills your childhood dreams
Your lovely plastic life
The bloody cuts are of a rusted knife
Lonely in the crowd
No one hears your shout
One question in your head
Is this all - all what you get?
All you need
The small things
All is lost in time
The wrong way
You choose to go
You’re like a ghost - lost in time
Fucking turn around
And watch the sun rise
Fucking turn around
Or live in your demise
Fucking turn around
No more promises to serve
And conquer your rebirth
Track Name: Road Ahead
We’re about to waste our lives
We’re about to cancel what we´ve planned
It’s as simple as we never dreamed of
A fuck you to suit and tie
We don’t care
About tomorrow and the road ahead
We’d rather share
Our disgust for this fucked up world
Track Name: Hourglass
It’s on...
Tell your father now
Tell your mother now
We are on this track
And never coming back again
As the feeling grows - as my heartbeat goes
It’s a pitch-black ride
We’re covering each others side
You - this is on right now
On the other day - well be far away
Leaving all behind
And never coming back again
What did you expect?
All the things are said
These are the times
They never coming back again
Live for now - you are free
Track Name: Come Home
It’s getting old, all the things you say
We’re moving forward, there is no other way
Leave all behind, take what is yours
It’s like leaving your hometown
Goodbye, goodbye here we go
I think it’s time for us to say
Open up your eyes
There are times when the path isn’t straight
There are times when you won’t accept your faith
Don’t look back - never say you’re lost
Open up your eyes
Take our hands and let us go
Take our hands we show you all
We’re coming home tonight
Follow us – we’re on your side
Spread the word - we’ll be allright
We’re coming home tonight
Come home tonight
Break these chains - take a ride
There’s your road - take a ride
Open up your eyes
Spread the wings and let us fly
Forget your mind, become so high
We’re coming home tonight
Follow us - we’re on your side
Sing the words – we are allright
We’re coming home tonight
Come home tonight
Track Name: The End
I take my time
To leave it all behind
Nothing is fine and nothing is right
You are out of sight well you are out of sight
We are you are...
How did it come that we lost our hope?
Never changing things and never letting go,
You and all your friends
Fuck you and all your friends
We are you are dead
Your losing grip
The best of me is yet to come
I see the tip
The iceberg that is melting down
It´s like a war, I’m reaching to the other side
It´s not your fault - I know
But it´s not right
Track Name: Falling Down
Through the night we walk together
No barriers in our sight
All the trouble we learned from
It makes us feel hard and strong
Nobody can defeat us
An oath for a lifetime
But all good comes to an end
And I lost one of my friends
What happened to you? 
Nobody knows!
What went wrong?
On top the wind is blowing
You just close your eyes
On top the wind is blowing
And we both were falling down 
You leave me without you
Your smile I´ll always miss
You leave me without you
And we both were falling down
Falling down
Track Name: Nothing
What do you want?
And should I care?
This is all that I got
My energy,
My sympathy
You can´t have all that I got
It´s never easy to let got
But I beg you to let go
This time I can´t give in
So I beg you to let go
I tried, I failed, I tried, I failed
So I beg you to let go
I can´t, I won´t, I can´t, I won´t
Nothing ahead
Nothing to fear
Nothing to prove
Nothing to hide
Nothing - to fear for me
Nothing - to hide for me
Nothing - to prove for me
Track Name: The Bridges I Burn Will Light My Way
Take a look inside of me
Feel free to ask
A closer one so you can see
I changed my past
We grow old
It takes time
Step by Step
Lose your Pride
What would you do
When you`re alone
And no one tells you what´s right?
You´re just a kid
Chose the wrong path
Someday you´ll learn what is right!
The right path
The right decisions
The right people you`ll meet
The right path
The right decisions
You will regret how you´ve been
Track Name: Rise Up
Rise up never fall down
To the top never get slow
For me do it for me
Rise up
You see this kid?
Where should I begin?
Do you see the world, the world that he is in?
Can you explain what happened to the past?
It´s no hidden secret - nothing good will last
Society – tries to bring us down
Heavy is the head that wears the golden crown
The world is fading black – two steps in one time
Tell me, how can you say: that everything is fine?
Lie to yourself - Close your eyes and say
“Here is nothing wrong, why do you complain?
Life is to short – I´m also feeling well
The focus on my own is – a better way”
You see this kid?
Where should I begin?
Do you see the world, the world that he is in?
Can you explain what happened to the past?
It´s no hidden secret - nothing good will last
This selfish way- will benefit just you
We need to help each other, bringing out the truth
This little kid is worth to get the chance
Getting a good life – support with helping hands
Help this kid to get a life right now
Track Name: Almost Forgotten
It’s no blame - a sea in rage
Lonely kids – anger fill the streets
It’s no blame – Solidary? No!
Empty kids on a dead man flow
In the corner – exhausted eyes
Like a window board decorated with dead flies
Walking on a dusty track
Try to bring the spirit back
We are a fucking thorn
We invite you to feel free
Entering the same – we call it unity!!!
Track Name: Decision
Is it black or white?
Is it ten or five?
It doesn’t matter if you feel right - feel alright
Are my choices wrong?
Are my choices right?
I don’t give a fuck
It all has two sides
Two sides
It has two sides
Do you go to church?
Or are you stayin home?
Its up to you just keep movin on – moving on
Are your friends straight edge
Or do they drink all night?
Who makes the rules? 
You decide!
It´s your choice