picture of yourself

by Off The Hook

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First time we released this EP on July 28, 2011 via Anchored Records.
Four years later we´re happy to take a look back and remember the times we had.

Re-released november 1st, 2015
Including additional track "the part"
Avaiable in colored vinyl


released November 1, 2015

Anchored Records // Mustard Mustache

Recorded by Jan (Hidden Planet Studio // Berlin).
Mixed and mastered at Hidden Planet Studio.



all rights reserved


Off The Hook Berlin, Germany

OFF THE HOOK are a hardcore-band from Berlin, Germany. They´ve been around since 2008 and play an aggressive style of hardcore without any „we´ll beat the shit out of you“ - attitude.

Since they want to play as many shows as possible, feel free to contact them via ensen@statelesssociety.com, if you are interested in helping them out!
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Track Name: picture of yourself
let me tell you one thing tonight
you’re all the same
tell me something that i didn’t know
still you’re the same
do you think you’re different ? why ?
I think you’re not, it’s right
why you try to save me though
i think it’s always ...

Always the same
always the same for me
always the same
it’s always the same

try not to hide
there is no escape for you
some lessons you’ve never learned
this ends tonight

do you see the difference
why you try to be like me
you are ridiculous
it’s just ridiculous

i hate every move you make
i hate every breath you take
i hate everything about you

together - we fall apart
friends of yours aren’t friends of mine
the way things are
have you ever seen a picture of yourself
do you wonder who’s the stranger in the back ?
it’s me, it’s me
you’re a fake
just a fake
a fucking fake !!!
Track Name: broken place
a broken place is all i see
damn puppets in front of me
sold out shows, no true family
i won’t keep this real

pure sickness flushes me away
rest in a black hole every day
waiting for the redemptive decay
it’s no problem on my way
a broken place is all i see

a broken place is all i see
the rest of a shadowplay
the old song shows his gloom
the old wolf licks his wounds

pure sickness flushes me away
rest in a black hole every day
waiting for the redemptive decay
it’s no problem on my way

some shaking hands
some tough guy talk
some useless shine
some wasted time
Track Name: nothing new nothing old
hand in hand we move mountains without promises
just the feeling of being free takes us miles away
in the end only scars inside
all i believe in ends in a tradgedy

all the times we shared together
it burns me down
all the things we kept forever
gone with the river
all the times we shared together
only old memories
all the times we kept forever

yes we tried
and yet we failed
i’ve seen it all
so many times before
my heart is full of sorrow
but i’m strong enough to move on
move on
Track Name: so far away
come on let’s open up this place
it’s times like these we have to learn to love again
like a picture in your mind, black and grey
a simple melody that shows us nothing
just nothing, but fake reality
keep moving on

like sailors in the storm with nothing left to lose
well it’s a bad day in a bad world
we all have to go through
how can you sleep at night
do you even care
do you think it’s time for me to go
I wanna be your friend
I wanna help you out
i can’t if you don’t show me how

if the world stopped right now
would you say you lived your life right
if the world stopped right now
i won’t, we won’t

so many questions but i don’t get the answers
so many nights spent all alone
so many times i wonder what it’s all for
why do you say that everything is wrong
it’s wrong, so wrong
it’s wrong, you’re wrong

row your ship back to the shore
i heard them say
row your ship back to the shore
i heard them say one day
we want our voices to be heard
even though you are numb
we’re the lifeboat to your mission
if you get lost in the dark